Tiphaine’s passion for her craft is immediately apparent in her designs.

Each piece is unique, revealing a meticulous intimacy in its inspiration. This beautiful ornaments can be worn alone or in combination with other pieces from her collection.

Tiphaine is attracted to textiles and fabrics of all kinds, the jewels and colors of every season. She is constantly intrigued by the world around her, drawing her ideas from the arts, nature, and the materials themselves.

Her work is based in the traditional 16th century french baroque techniques of passementerie, intricaly interweaving lengths of soutache braid with beads, pearls and stones into beautifully embroidered designs. The back of each piece, also hand-stitched, is covered in smooth leather to ensure comfort and a perfect finish.

Tiphaine’s work is both a wonderful way to express your own individual style as well as an utterly unique gift for someone special.